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Welcome to Prediction Game

  • The game will enable you to predict the results of the matches and gain points as a result. Your Rankings will be updated after each match and according to present rules.
  • The prediction game will be based only on predicting match results and goal differences as follows:

Score Calculations

If the user predictions actually happen, the following will apply:

If you predict the winner correctly, you will Get 5 Points.
If you predict the goal difference correctly, you will Get 10 Points.
If you predict a draw correctly, you will Get 15 Points.


  • You can have multiple prediction games running at the same time.
  • Each game covers only one tournament.
  • You can change your prediction for specific match until match starts.
  • If you are among the top three predictors, your photo will be placed on the competition website.
  • Ranking is based on the points collected during the game. In the case of tied score, the advantage will be to the player who started playing earlier.

Prize (Super Globe 2015 in Qatar)

  • The first, second and third place will receive one adidas watch each.