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There are two different types of Handball at School courses – the classification is based on the age of the target group: Level I courses are designed for teaching handball to an age group between 6 and 11 years, whereas Level II courses focus on the age group 12 – 17 years. This distinction makes sure that the course content is especially adapted to the skills and abilities of the corresponding age group. 
Our IHF Handball at School Experts are physical education teachers with professional experience in handball. Therefore they have the necessary didactical and handball specific knowledge to conduct the H@S courses and can share their vast experience with the course participants. 
The hosting federations are asked to nominate a local expert who should support the Handball at School Expert prior to the course and on site. Furthermore this expert takes care of the further development of handball within the country and should present a contact person to the schools and course participants after the course, thus contributing to increase the sustainability of the course. 
The organization of the course follows a three day schedule and takes place at three different venues. By staging the course at three different venues, more teachers from different parts of the country can be reached.