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Local organiser 

 The Super Globe is an IHF event. The IHF transfers the right to the Qatar Handball Association to organise the event. The Qatar Handball Association is acting as the local organiser.

 Event Holder:        Organiser:

 International Handball Federation     Qatar Handball Association

Peter Merian-Strasse 23   Duhail Handball Sports Hall 

P.O. Box                      Duhail, Arab Leauge St.

CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland      P.O. Box 72 DOHA, Qatar

Phone: +41-61-228 90 40          Phone: +974-4410 8700

Fax: +41-61-228 90 55                            +974-4410 8712

E-mail: [email protected]                      Fax:  +974-4494 41 01 E-mail: [email protected] 


 The IHF Super Globe will take place 

 01from 07 – 10 September 2015   in Doha, Qatar. 

 The official arrival day for the teams is 06 September, the departure day 11 September 2015.  




The 2015 IHF Super Globe matches will be played at the Qatar Handball Association Headquarter (Duhail Handball Sports Hall)