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Information about GRTP Program

Global Referee Training Program (provisional planning for 2015/2016)

The following course structure for 2015 and 2016 :


  • IHF GRTP in Europe (in case an organizer will be found)
  • IHF GRTP in Africa, African Club Championship, MAR, Oct/Nov 2015



  • IHF GRTP in Europe (Umag, CRO; May 2016 or St. Gallen SUI, December 2016)
  • IHF GRTP in Asia (CHN in spring 2016 or during Asian Men’s Jun. CH in 07/16)
  • IHF GRTP in Pan America (March 2016 – Brazil, Junior Female Pan American CH)
(Interested organizers, please contact IHF-office)
IHF-PRC/R.Bürgi (GRTP-responsible)/May 2015


    IHF – Global Referee Trainings Program

    Initiated by IHF to bring young talented referees to International level by participating in some of these courses – led by experienced instructors like IHF-PRC-members and IHF-lecturers. The courses should also help to share experiences between the continents – therefore in these courses referees from Europe, Asia, Africa, Pan America take part together if possible.

    Modern Methods

    The IHF has been using an increasing number of modern technologies to teach their referees and to share experiences. The analysis software Dartfish as well as an Internet platform to share examples have been in use for two years. Headsets for communication between the referees and delegates have been utilized since the World Championship 2009 in CRO. These units are also used for teaching purposes in some GRTP courses.