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    Mediaservice December 2009

    Jewgeni Trefilow is a workaholic. Since 1999 he coaches - very successfully - the Russian national team as well as the most successful clubs of his country. On club level he won seven Russian Championships with Lada Togliatti and his current team Zvezda Zvenigorod. Furthermore his teams won all European cups such as the Cup winners Cup, the EHF Cup and the Champions League. On national team level Trefilow is even more successful:

    Mediaservice November 2009

    President Dr. Hassan Moustafa and 1st Vice President Miguel Roca Mas represented the International Handball Federation at the 10th Extraordinary Congress and the 9th Conference of presidents of the European Handball Federation in Limassol. Main topics were the motions of the EHF Executive Committee concerning the future of European handball. An Anti-corruption and Fair Competition Act was implemented and the playing system for upcoming women’s and men’s EURO tournaments was adapted.

    Mediaservice October 2009

    Worldwide the handball family becomes always bigger. It is good news, but it is also a tremendous challenge for the International Handball Federation IHF, that would like to be a home for all the handball players without exception. Probably the biggest challenge will be to map the numerous parameters of our daily work.