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Date: 8/25/2012

Hungary and Sweden are the winners of the starting matches of the placement round for the positions 5-8 on Saturday at the IV Women’s Youth World Championship in Montenegro and will face in the direct duel on Sunday for the fifth position. Hungary beat Japan clearly and Sweden had a much higher mountain to climb to win against France. The constellation of the 5/6 placement match (start: 13:45 hrs local times) means that defending champions Sweden can take revenge for their 13:21 defeat in the preliminary round. The 7/8 placement Japan and France will be the opener on Sunday at 11:30 hrs local time.


Placement round 5-8:


Hungary – Japan 30:25 (15:14) 

Even 14 saves of goalkeeper Moeka Mizuochi were not enough for the brave Japanese team to overcome their powerful and physical stronger European opponents. But the Asian runners-up caused problems to Hungary especially in the first half, when the tight Hungarian lead did not reflect the rundown of the match. Like in their quarterfinal against Denmark, Japan attacked with full speed and could count on a fast and offensive defence. The Asian led well-deserved 11:9, before the Hungarians started their engines, powered by their top scorer Szederke Sirian, who hit the net nine times in total. Her three strikes after the break confirmed the first and pre-decisive four goal lead for her team at 21:17, but still Japan fought hard, trying to level the match again. But their catch-up chase after the 28:21 came too late to endanger the Hungarians, who in the end had more power and shooting efficiency.  Best Japanese scorer was Haruno Sasaki, who scored eight goals, but missed too many chances after the break.  The only bad news for the victors was the ankle injury of their goalkeeper Zsofi Szemerey.



Sweden – France 24:22 (13:12)

The French girls cannot beat Scandinavian teams in Montenegro: After the draw against Denmark in their final preliminary round match and the clear defeat against Norway in the quarterfinal, the team of coach Pierre Mangin lost the tight and thrilling encounter with Sweden in the placement round. On the other hand, Sweden were a little bit luckier and more concentrated in the final stages of an equal match.  Well-deserved, the Scandinavians could do their victory dance after the final buzzer. Thanks to the saves of their goalkeeper Jessica Ryde the later-on victors imprinted the starting period and led 11:8, but France could not be cast off. They decelerated the speed and waited for their chances after causing a big number of mistakes in the first minutes. France leveled the game at 12:12 before Melissa Petren secured the half-time lead.  Sweden remained in lead but missed too many opportunities to extend the gap after the 18:15 – the consequence:  France was back on track, and everything re-started, when the scores were 21:21 and 22:22. By two saves of Ryde the Swedes prevented the match turning completely, then a double strike of top scorer Julia Eriksson (five goals) two minutes before the end meant the final decision.  Soulard, Agathe and Zullemaro each scored five times for France.