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Date: 8/24/2012

After eight match days the final ranking of the positions 9-20 at the IV Women’s Youth World Championship in Doha is completed. Angola (against Kazakhstan) and Czech Republic (against Croatia) won the final placement matches for the rankings 13-16 in Bar on Friday evening.


On Saturday the semifinals Romania vs. Denmark (18:15 hrs local time) and Russia vs. Norway (20:30 hrs local time) are in the spotlight. Before the placement round 5-8 starts with the encounters Japan vs. Hungary (13:45) and France vs. Sweden (16:00).


All matches are live-streamed free of charge on www.laola1.tv.


Placement round 13-16:

13/14: Croatia vs. Czech Republic 23:26 (11:14)

With a bigger will to win, more passion in attack an their goalkeeper Petra Kudiackova the Czech Republic took their second victory in this competition and finally ranks 13th ahead of the Croatians, who lacked power and efficiency for a long period in their final encounter in Montenegro. Only in the final stages, the Croats were on a highflyer, but their race for the victory started too late. The match was imprinted by powerful and tough defence actions on both sides. The Croats caused too many technical mistakes in attack to endanger the Czechs before the break, while on the other hand it was hard for them to pass through the strong defence wall of the Balkan team.  But when the Czechs had the chance for their counter-attack they were highly efficient and well-deserved led 14:11 at the break.  The second half remained leveled, but the Czechs were clever enough to stay in lead and even extended the margin to four goals for the first time at 24:20 eight minutes before the end, before the late catch-up chase of their opponent started. When Czech goalkeeper Petra Kudiackova saved a penalty shot of Nikolina Tvoric at the score of 24:23 and Katarina Pavlovic missed another penalty only 30 seconds later, Croatia took their final time-out two minutes before the end. And Kudiackova became the power of tower in her team, which ran out power in the final stages and was short in players most of the time.  13 seconds before the end Tereza Pokorna secured the victory scoring the final result by a penalty. Top scorers were Silvija Masnic with six goals for Croatia and Pokorna and Trumpesova with five goals each for the Czechs.


15/16: Kazakhstan vs. Angola 30:35 (14:19)

Antonia Santos (5), Tschesa Pemba and Voneiti Domingos (each 8) scored 21 of 35 Angolan goals to defeat Kazakhstan in this intercontinental encounter. But none of this trio could reach the overall top scorer of the tournament. Irina Alexandrova stroke 11 times to finish as unreached number one of the scorer list with 62 goals. But like in all Kazakh matches before, Alexandrova was not enough to win. With only seven field players there was no chance to recover. And Angola took the profit from this situation. Until the intermediate score of 12:11 for the African champions the result was leveled then they extended the margin to five goals at the break. In contrast to previous matches Kazakhstan was able to stand the pressure and were close to turn the game at 26:27 in minute 51 – but this was there last sign of life. Finally Domingos decided the placement match with three strikes in the final stages.


Today’s previous placement matches: 

9/10: Netherlands – Korea 32:33 (19:20)

11/12: Montenegro – Brazil 29:28 (11:21, 26:26) after penalty shoot-out 

17/18: DR Congo vs. Uruguay 26:32 (13:16) 

19/20: Paraguay vs. Portugal 16:26 (6:12)




Final ranking 9-20:

9. Korea

10. Netherlands

11. Montenegro

12. Brazil

13. Czech Republic

14. Croatia

15. Angola

16. Kazakhstan 

17. Uruguay 

18. DR Congo 

19. Portugal

20. Paraguay