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Press Releases


29th Executive Committee Meeting on the fringes of the XXXIV Ordinary IHF Congress in Doha, Qatar

Date: 10/23/2013

The Executive Committee of the International Handball Federation held their 29th meeting on the fringes of the XXXIV Ordinary Congress in Doha, Qatar on 23 October. Beside their evaluation of the Beach Handball Tournament of the 2013 World Games in Cali, Columbia, the Executive Committee dealt also with the determination of the age of players under 17 and especially reviewed the structure of Youth and Junior World Championships. In a further step the IHF Executive Committee will ask the IHF Commission of Organizing and Competition (COC) to review the entire structure of the regulations, including age category and date of Youth and Junior World Championships.



The road to London: The system of the Olympic qualification

Date: 9/19/2011

Up to now only four of in total 24 teams of the Olympic Handball Tournaments - 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams - have booked their tickets to London: Host Great Britain (men and women), the French men (World Champion) and the Norwegian women (European Champion).



”IHF fulfils all WADA and IOC requirements and regulations”

Date: 9/16/2011

The new head of the IHF Anti-Doping Unit (ADU), Prof. Hosny Ahmed Abdelrahman Ahmed, has visited the IHF Head Office in Basle to start the preparation of the anti-doping programme for the Women’s World Championship in Brazil in December. According to the IHF, WADA and IOC regulations and as was the case at all previous IHF events, the starting phase of the tests will start soon, the so called “out-of-competition tests”.


IHF meets top federations and clubs in Basle – Mutual consent on all technical issues – Clubs to be granted compensation for release of players as from 2011 alr ...

Date: 9/17/2010

Executives of the International Handball Federation met on Friday 17 September the presidents of the 10 most important handball nations, the presidents of the two club organisations, Forum Club Handball, Tomaz Jersic (Slovenia), and Group Club Handball, Joan Marin (Spain) as well as Jean Brihault, Vice-President of the European Handball Federation to exchange opinions and ideas.


IHF website offers new content and new design

Date: 7/17/2010

A movie classic starring the great Charlie Chaplin is called "Modern Times“. About 75 years after shooting the movie, the flick has long become a classic and the motto is more up-to-date than ever before. Of course, the International Handball Federation (IHF) doesn’t want to refuse "modern times“ either. Far from it! The International Federation’s task is to recognize the writing on the wall and to lead the way. That’s why the IHF has decided to keep up with the times by relaunching its website. However, well-proven elements will be preserved as well.


On Friday, the Preliminary Round groups of the 2011 Men’s WCh in Sweden will be drawn

Date: 7/7/2010

When the draw for the Men’s WCh in Sweden (13 to 30 January 2011) will take place in Gothenburg on Friday evening, starting from 18:24, we will finally know which teams will play against each other. Pot 6 (top seeded teams) includes the four semifinalists of the ECh in Austria, European Champion France, silver medalist Croatia, Iceland (bronze) and Poland.


Pineau and Szmal World Handball Players of the Year 2009

Date: 5/26/2010

The turnout in the IHF election of the male and female World Handball Player of the Year was high – more than 33,000 votes were cast through the Internet. At the end, Slawomir Szmal (Poland) and Alison Pineau (France) led the field.


Flying Frenchwoman, new perspective

Date: 4/19/2010

IHF jury nominates the winners of the “Photo of the Year” contest – winners from France and Germany Approximately 40 sports photographers from all over the world took part with nearly 100 themes in the new edition of the International Handball Federation’s (IHF) contest “Handball-Photo of the Year”.


Postponement of II Extraordinary IHF Congress in Rome ITA

Date: 4/18/2010

Due to the current situation in Europe including cancellation of all flights over the past three days resulting from the eruption of the Iceland volcano and after consultation with the Continental Presidents, who confirmed that most of their delegates would not be able to attend the Congress even in Europe due to this unpleasant situation


Super Globe 2010 in Qatar

Date: 1/19/2010

In view of the 2010 Super Globe in Qatar, the International Handball Federation invited the Qatar Handball Association and Al Sadd Club Qatar for the signing of the contract to the Head Office in Basle.

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