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Date: 7/20/2009

Italy were tonight crowned the new champions of the World Games in front of a huge crowd in the Sizihwan Beach Handball Arena. They added another trophy to their cabinet, only the second major title in the history of the Italian Handball Federation, and within just a few weeks of their European championship victory. Croatia were lost in the first half, they looked nervous and were unable to get their game together. They came out fighting in the second set, fresher and more determined to force the shoot-out. But the Italians are the queens of the final shoot-out. They beat Norway in the Euro final on the shoot out and they did the same here, their winning goal a superb tactical combination by Silvia Scamperle, resulting in a direct goal from goalkeeper, Carolina Balsanti.



Hungary – Brazil 0-2 (9-14, 14-15)


Brazil dominated the final against Hungary. The 2006 world beach champions were unbeaten throughout the tournament and were not about to let this title slip through their hands.


They beat Hungary in the preliminary round 2-0, and although the Hungarians came closer in the second half, the Brazilians were always the strongest team.


Placement match results




1/2 Croatia – Italy 1-2 (7-14, 17-8, 6-8)

3/4 Brazil – FYRO Macedonia 2-0 (18-12, 12-1)

5/6 Ukraine – Chinese Taipei 1-2 (12-19, 14-12, 6-10)

7/8 Japan – Thailand 2-0 (12-10, 10-9)




1/2 Hungary – Brazil 0-2 (9-14, 14-15)

3/4 Oman – Croatia 0-2 (10-22, 10-20)

5/6 Pakistan – Chinese Taipei 0-2 (17-24, 11-22)

7/8  Turkey – Thailand 2-0 (20-14, 21-9)


Final ranking - WOMEN


1. Italy

2. Croatia

3. Brazil

4. FYRO Macedonia

5. Chinese Taipei

6. Ukraine

7. Japan

8. Thailand


Final ranking - MEN


1. Brazil

2. Hungary

3. Croatia

4. Oman

5. Chinese Taipei

6. Pakistan

7. Turkey

8. Thailand


Best player awards




Left wing


6 Snezjana Botica (CRO)


Right wing


9 Cinthia de Medeiros (BRA)




4 Elena Barani (ITA)




20 Mirjeta Baramojska (MKD)



12 Ya Wei Chang (TPE)


Top scorer

13 Carolina Balsanti (ITA)




Left wing


8 Hui-Hsiung Wang (TPE)


Right wing

4 Jefte Saraiva (BRA)




8 Balazs Babicz (HUN)




4 Hrvoje Horvat (CRO)




1 Tahir Ali (PAK)


Top scorer


17 Mujdat Ozcan (TUR)