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The match GER-NOR in group "A" has highest importance for both teams. But German was able to keep the step with Norway only first quarter of the game. Consequent defense of the team from Scandinavia won the second part of first half time 6:12 and also in second half own superiority continually confirm. Successfully acting in defense engaged for the Norway players fast transition in attack. In accordance to match statistics the NOR gained through the fast break (first wave) eight goals. Another eight goals were improved by means of second wave. We present all this situations on the video sequences. For all this examples is common that whole attack action is conduct solely through the back court players. The German players had mostly enough possibility to come to basic defense positions but were not able to effective react on force transmission and straight press of the opponent. 

3rd Goal 

Eighth minute of the match. Only 3 passes: RW to RB, RB to CB and CB to LB which use the movement of line player and is going to break through in middle direction for the shot after one time to bounce the ball. 

4th Goal

 Ninth minute of the match. Also three passes: GK to CB (she use the dribbling), CB to RB and RB back to CB which exploit the stand shot in hip level.


15th Goal

 Start of 27th minute of the match. Again three passes: GK to RB, RB to CB. She use dribbling and give the ball back to RB which is going break through the German defense. 

16th Goal

 Circa half minute later. This time fife passes. The GK catch the ball with two hands and pass to CB. Ball is going further to LB, back to CB (one bounce with ball), to RB (also one bounce) and back to CB which successfully finalize the action. 



20th Goal

32nd minute of the match. Also fife passes: CB gained the ball and after one bounce give the pass to LB, LB pass back to CB, she to RB, receive the ball back and give the final pass to LB to break through.

22nd Goal

 Start of 34th minute of the match. Totally three passes: GK give first pass to CB, she further to RB (one bounce with the ball) and final pass receive the LB to surprising hip shot. 


26th Goal

 42nd minute of the match. Again only three passes: GK to CB, CB to RB which use dribbling and give final pass back to CB to break through with one bounce.

30th Goal

 50th minute of the match. Most complicated transmission with seven passes and also with assistance of both wing attackers. Despite it whole action takes only ten seconds time. From the GK is ball coming to LW, further to CB, RB, RW, back to RB, CB and finally to LB which break through to the jump shot.