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Date: 7/14/2012


France – Sweden 22:29 (7:14)

Gold for Sweden at the 18th Women’s Junior World Championship

Heja Sverige or Allez Les Bleus: That was the question, before the final match of the Women´s Junior World Championship between France and Sweden started. Attended by 1.000 spectators in the Sareza hall in Ostrava (Czech Republic) the answer was given after 60 thrilling minutes of pure handball. The gold medalist of the 18th Women’s Junior World Championship is Sweden who beat France with 29:22.


Sweden had the better start into this gold medal match and achieved an early lead with 3:0 after five and with 5:1 after nine minutes. But France didn’t keep their fans waiting and caught up to 4:6. Regardless the Scandinavians kept on playing with full power and even extended their lead up to 10:4 by scoring four goals in a row (17.). From than on both teams missed a lot of chances, but in this period of the match Sweden was always one step ahead and went into half break by leading the match 14:7.


In the first period of the second half it looked like France could find a way back into the match, when they reduced their goal difference to Sweden after 37 minutes (13:16). But Sweden kept their concentration and answered back by scoring four times in a row and were again seven goals in lead (20:13 after 43 minutes). And they kept this safe advantage until the end of the match. At the end it was a well-deserved victory for the Scandinavian girls, who dominated their competitor from the very beginning of this game.


„I am so happy after this match, it is unbelievable”, said the Swedish coach Camilla Eriksson after the final. „My players are simply the best. I have worked with them during the last five years and this was our last match together. So tonight we are going to celebrate the whole night.”


Final ranking:


1.       Sweden

2.       France

3.       Hungary

4.       Serbia

5.       Russia

6.       Korea

7.       Poland

8.       Norway

9.       Denmark

10.     Croatia

11.     Austria

12.     Brazil

13.     Romania

14.     Spain

15.     Czech Republic

16.     Congo

17.     Netherlands

18.     Uruguay

19.     Angola

20.     Argentina

21.     Japan

22.     China

23.     Tunisia

24.     Kazakhstan