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Date: 7/14/2012

Bronze medal match

Serbia – Hungary 24:26 (22:24), 20:20 (8:11)

Hungary won after tough fight

The team of Hungary won the bronze medal at the 18th Women´s Junior World Championship in the Czech Republic. In the so-called little final, they defeated Serbia with 26:24 after extra-time and celebrated their third place.


In the beginning of this match both teams played a bit nervous, without reaching any decisive lead. After 19 minutes the score was 4:4 between two nearly equal teams. But then the Serbs scored four times in five minutes and took over the lead with 8:4 (24.). Nevertheless this did not irritate the Hungarian team. Quiet the contrary they scored six times in a row and turned the match (10:8 after 28 minutes). And with one more goal they even made it to 11:8 after the first 30 minutes.


After a missed penalty shot by Kinga Livinyi (Hungary), Serbia took their chances to come back again. And with two goals in the first two minutes of the second half the match was open again. But this lasted only for a few minutes until Hungary achieved their first four-goal-lead after 39 minutes (16:12). And again Serbia shortened their gap to 15:16 but missed seven minutes long, in which none of the two teams could score, several chances for draw. In minute 48, Serbia finally equalized to 16:16. From than on the game remained tight until the closing period. It seemed to be logical that the match ended with 20:20 draw and the extra-time was necessary.


An exciting match during extra time was guaranteed, as none of the teams could achieve more than a one-goal-lead during the first four minutes. But 20 seconds before the end of the first half of extra time Hungary scored for 24:22. And with the 26:23 three minutes before the end the match was already pre-decided. Best scorer of the bronze medal match was Ivana Popovic with seven goals.