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Date: 7/13/2012

Ranks 5/6

Korea – Russia 28:31 (15:16)

Russia made it in the last period

The match for places five and six brought together two teams, who both had the ambition, to play along for the title in this Junior World Championship. At the end Russia won against Korea with 31:28, but both teams were only partially satisfied with the result in this tournament. Korea came better into this match and was in lead by 5:2 after eight and with 7:3 after twelve minutes. In the following period the match swayed back and forth with Korea ahead with two or three goals. But then Russia started to controll their opponent better, so it was 16:13 for them after 28 minutes, when the Russian team scored six times in row. But during the last minte of the first period Korea scored two times and was back in the match. Durigng the first period of the second half the match remained tight, with the first Korean lead after 51 minutes (25:24), which was extended up to 27:25 after 53 minutes. Butt hat was not enough to win this match. Russia came back and won at the end, not because they were the better, but the luckier team in an exciting placement match. Best scorer of this match was Jin Yi Kim (Korea) with 13 goals.


Ranks 9/10

Denmark – Croatia 28:27, 20:20 (8:11) after penalty shoot-out

Lucky Denmark

The match between Denmark and Croatia for the ranks nine and ten in the final ranking of this World Championship was hotly contested. After 60 exciting minutes and the following penalty shootout Denmark took the victory. But after the regular time of 60 minutes it was a 20:20 draw. During the first 30 minutes Croatia was the dominating team and was leading with 11:8. But after the break Denmark came back into this match. With five goals in row they took over the lead with 13:11. And again the match turned: Twelve minutes before end Croatia seemed to be on the winning streak by leading 19:15. But in the last second of this match Fie Woller, the left wing from Denmark scored to draw (20:20). And then the 15th penalty shot brought the decision for Denmark when the goalkeeper Mathilde Junker saved the first shot. Best scorer during the regular 60 minutes was – once again – Mila Toto from Croatia with eight goals.


Ranks 11/12

Brazil – Austria 24:29 (10:12)

Brazil disappointed – Austria satisfied 

The decisive placement match for places eleven and twelve Austria won against Brazil with 29:24 and was glad about their place in the final ranking of this Junior World Championship. Brazil, who started in this tournament with four victories and the optimum yield of eight points during the preliminary round, was very disappointed after the final result being only twelfth after this tournament. Nevertheless they had the better start in this match. During the first twenty minutes the match was really tight (9:9). But then Austria scored three times in row and was in lead with 12:9 after 21 minutes. During the last nine minutes of the first period only one more goal was scored. Brazil shortened their residue to 10:12 shortly before break. In the second period the match stayed tight and it was 16:16 after 38 minutes, 19:19 after 47 minutes, 21:21 after 51 minutes. Austria came to their first two-goal-lead in the second period of this match after 53 minutes (23:21). They built up their lead to 25:21 which meant the pre-decision for this match. Brazil was not able to strike back. Best scorer of this match was Juliana Malta (Brazil) with nine goals.