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Date: 7/13/2012

Ranks 7/8

Poland – Norway 24:23 (12:14)

Poland with a surprise

Even though nearly 100 fans supported the Norwegians, the Scandinavian girls lost the placement match against Poland with 23:24 and are now eighth in the final ranking of this tournament. Poland, however, is very satisfied with their performance during the Junior World Championship, not only because they won the last match, but also because of the real good result. Norway started well concentrated and was in lead with 8:3 and with 11:6 after a dominating opening period. But then they began to be careless and Poland came up with four goals in a row (10:11). So at the end of the first period the match was still open when Norway led by 14:12. After the break Norway extended their lead again up to 19:15 and seemed to be on a winning streak after 15 minutes of the second period, although the level of this match decreased. But Poland came back again. With three goals in a row they were only one score behind (18:19). Norway missed a lot of chances and after 55 minutes it was 21:20 for Poland. Today Norway didn’t have the power to come back again. Best players of this match were Aleksandra Zych (Poland) and Anette Helene Hansen, who both scored five times. 



Ranks 13/14

Romania – Spain 29:28 (13:16)

Romania beat Spain

With the 29:28 victories against Spain Romania won the placement round for the places 13 to 16 at this Junior World Championship. But it was a real changeable match, in which Romania had the better start. After a short equal period in the beginning Romania built up a two-goal-lead, but Spain wasn´t impressed by that. They came back and in the last period of the first half they turned the match completely and were in lead by 16:12 after 28 minutes and by 16:13 after the first 30 minutes. During the second period Spain extended their lead up to five goals (24:19, 25:20) but even that wasn´t decisive. The Romanian players mobilized the last reserves of strength after this long tournament and stroke back with five goals in row. With their first lead in the second half they won this match with one goal difference. Best scorer of this match was Elisa Buceschi with eleven goals.



Ranks 15/16

Czech Republic – Congo 28:18 (10:11)

Host say goodbye with a victory 

In the decisive placement match for places 15 and 16 in this Junior World Championship the Czech Republic played against the team of Congo and won with 28:18. Congo wasn´t the expected easy competitor and contributed resistance to the host of this tournament. After the first period of this match the African team was surprisingly in lead with 11:10. But after the break the Czech team caught up. They showed a real strong performance, took over the lead and extended it goal by goal. After 45 minutes it was 21:14 for the Czech Republic – the match was pre-decided. The rest of this match was easy doing for the WCh-host. Best scorer of this match was Martina Weisenbilderova (Czech Republic) with eight goals.