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Date: 7/12/2012


France – Hungary 28:21 (13:8)

France win over Hungary

The Women´s Junior World Championship has it´s first finalist: After 60 really exciting minutes of Handball France won the first semifinal of this tournament against Hungary with 28:21 and is now heading for the final on Saturday 14 July against the winner of the second semifinal between Serbia and Sweden while Hungary will play the bronze medal-match against the looser. The Hungarian team had the better start into this match and was in lead with 4:1 after the first eight minutes. France started a bit slower until their coach Paul Landuré galvanized them during the team time-out. And he was successful. His girls turned the match with five goals in a row from 4:6 to a 9:6 lead for „Les Bleus” after 22 minutes. It was the best period of the French team and so they extended their lead up to 13:7 after 29 minutes and 46 seconds by showing a real good tactical performance in defense. Kinga Kilinyi, best scorer of Hungary and top scorer of this tournament, was almost completely ineffective. Only in the last second of the first half Hungary scored to the intermediate result of 13:8 for France.


In the beginning of the second half again France was more alert and started with two quick goals (15:8) in the first two minutes and went on up to a 18:9 lead after 37 minutes. French supporters, who attended their team, were totally satisfied with the performance of their team. By the time when France was leading by eleven goals (22:11, 43.) the match was already pre-decided. But France rolled on and had the biggest advantage after 49 minutes, when the team was leading with 25:12. In the safe feeling of victory France played it a little bit more leger during the last ten minutes and so Hungary came to a more friendly result. But that did not change the fact, that France was the clearly better team and won highly deserved.


„This team has a big fighting spirit”, Paul Landuré said after the match. The French coach was absolutely satisfied with his team. „We played just what we had prepared because of the tactical discipline of this team. It was a great victory.”