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Date: 1/29/2009

Sweden - Serbia 37:29 (20:16)
Sweden, superior in any respect, cruised to seventh place. In the first half Oscar Carlen in particular excelled while in the second half pivot Matias Gustafsson took this role. The Serbs had to fight hard for every goal whereas the Three-Crown side managed a couple of ‘easy' goals, in the first instance from counter-attacks. Keeper Andreas Palicka proved a great support in the second half. Sweden ran into an early lead 6:2. Then Serbia had their best time to come close to 11:12. Serbia quickly gave up in the second half with Vujin and Vuckovic each scoring five goals. The match was ‘over' at 28:20 on minute and Sweden also slowed down a little bit but kept the 8-goal margin until the final whistle.

Ola Lendgren (Coach Sweden): "This kind of match are not that easy but we were highly motivated when starting the match. It was important that we remained ahead all the time and were not put under pressure. We deserved to win and made a fine performance in the entire tournament. We are fine with seventh place, a good sign for the future."

Jovica Cvetkovic (Coach Serbia): "Sweden clearly was the better side although we had to cope with two key players sidelined. We did fight but were somewhat tired. We are satisfied with the entire performance in Croatia. Eighth place is a good result for us."


5. Germany
6. Hungary
7. Sweden
8. Serbia
11. FYR Macedonia
12. Korea
13. Spain
14. Egypt
15. Romania
16. Russia
17. Tunisia
18. Argentina
19. Algeria
20. Cuba
21. Brazil
22. Kuwait
23. Saudi Arabia
24. Australia