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Date: 1/29/2009

Slovakia - Norway 27:34 (14:18)
A fine opening secured Norway's 9th place in the final WCh ranking. The Scandinavian side seemed well recovered from their narrow defeat to Poland, which had cost them the qualification to the semi-finals. Slovakia was happy with 10th place after their WCh debut. In the opening phase of the match Norway really thrashed Slovakia. One counter-attack after the other and Slovakia missed too many opportunities in attack. Thanks to Kjelling, Myrkol and Skoglung, who each scored five goals before the half-time break, Norway broke away to a seven-goal margin at times (16:9, ‘23). Only afterwards Slovakia got their rhythm. They reduced the goal deficit to a 14:18 half-time score. At 20:22 they remembered their draw with Hungary when they had been able to compensate a goal deficit of 6. They better configured in defence and a close coverage of Kjelling paid off. But they did not manage to come closer than 2 goals. Norway backed on in their fast-paced play, their great wingers and reliable shooter Frank Löke on the line. The match was over with five minutes to go when Norway had run ahead to a five-goal margin. Kjelling (9/Norway) and Peter Kuckucka (6/Slovakia) earned the top-scorer award of the match.


5. Germany
6. Hungary
7. Sweden
8. Serbia
9. Norway
10. Slovakia
11. FYR Macedonia
12. Korea
13. Spain
14. Egypt
15. Romania
16. Russia
17. Tunisia
18. Argentina
19. Algeria
20. Cuba
21. Brazil
22. Kuwait
23. Saudi Arabia
24. Australia