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Date: 2/1/2009

Denmark - Poland 23:31 (11:14)

A great fighting spirit and a greater will made Poland win the bronze medal at the Men's WCh in Croatia. The match was close until minute 48 but thanks to a final outcome the 2007 Vice-champions secured their well-deserved win. The goalkeepers had left their mark on the match in the opening phase which was characterised by a number of faults committed by both sides. Denmark's Kasper Hvidt and Slawomir Szmal from Poland performed fine saves. Denmark had been in the lead until 7:6. Poland managed to reduce their faults until the half-time break to turn the match. Denmark also proved overhasty in their attack actions. By minute 41 Poland extended their lead to six before it was time for the direct duelling between the two left halfs. Mikkel Hansen (Denmark) and Karol Bielecki (Poland) almost scored every minute. The outcome was a draw. Both of them netted ten. Thanks to Hansen's shots Denmark reduced the deficit to 22:24 but then failed a number of big opportunities in numerical superiority. A five-goal series made Poland turn into the road to victory (29:22) on minute 55. Denmark did not manage to take revenge for their semi-final loss to Poland two years ago. Poland's players danced on the court, as nobody could have imagined this medal win before the main round, since Poland had nothing but 0:4 points on their account.


Ulrik Wilbek (coach Denmark): "Congratulations Bogtan Wenta, my dear friend. His team secured a second win over Denmark in this tournament. It was a well-deserved victory. We set up well in defence in the opening but failed to prove efficient in offence so that Poland could break away. We were back at 22:24 but then we just scored one in 11 minutes. In this manner you are not able to win a match. Karol Bielecki showed an outstanding performance, which came as a surprise for us."

Bogdan Wenta (coach Poland): "I am very happy with this outcome. The game was very fair although a great deal was at stake. It was long and bumpy road to success. We had not expect such a clear result. So this medal fills us with pride and joy.

Damian Wleklak (captain Poland): "We made a great performance a second time in a major tournament. After a bad start we are tired now but very happy."

Klaus Bruun Jörgensen (Denmark): "I am sad, we could have performed better. Poland was the better team."