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Date: 2/1/2009

Sweden is next in line to arrange the World Championship in Handball for men. The hosts of the next Men's World Championship are on their toes to prepare the best Championships ever. "The World Championship in 2011 is going to be an international celebration and a once in a lifetime experience for everyone", says Hans Vestberg, president of the Swedish Handball Federation.


The Swedish host cities will do their very best to welcome not only Swedes, but handball fans from all over the world to the championships in 2011. Sweden's geographical position, close to other great European handball nations, makes it convenient for millions of people to reach handball at its best.


The tournament will be played in the southernmost part of Sweden, were a handful of top class arenas stands ready to welcome the handball world. The modern arenas, together with well functioning infrastructure, moderate ticket price level and the great interest for handball in Sweden, is the foundation that the 22nd Men's Handball World Championship will be built on.


The finals will be played in Malmö Arena, just 13 minutes away from Copenhagen airport, the hub of Scandinavia.


"It is fantastic to be able to o!er sport fans a world class competition in the best handball arena in the world", says Karin Mårtensson, Chief Executive Officer of Malmö Arena.


Croatia has delivered a superb organisation and has managed to create a wonderful atmosphere in the arenas.


Now it is Sweden's turn to host a multi cultural celebration where teams and fans can meet in their passion for handball.


Welcome to share the emotions!


For further information, please contact: Ola Richardsson, Manager of Marketing and Communications, WCh 2011 ola.richardsson(at)skane.se +46 44 309 31 79