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Bounce pass

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Examples 1

Well exploited the pass is effective and often crucial in order to put your teammate in good shooting position.
The Croatian team regularly plays this crucial pass during numerical superiority.
Croatia’s LB plays the pass in order for LW to score a goal against the Danish keeper.
 The pivot stands between the half defenders.
With help of CB’s return pass to LB, LB manages to profit from numerical superiority.
LB profits from the pivot’s blocking in a way that the left half-defender is unable to tackle LB. LB may advance to the outside.
The right half-defender has to close the gap in order to prevent LB from advancing. LB decides to return the ball to LW in the far corner. The bounce pass allows LW to easily catch the ball while he is moving and thus to profit from open space on the wing. The outside defender manages to close open space on the outside but does not anticipate LW’s moving towards the goal.
LW is able to take a swing back and to choose from a range of shots. The goalkeeper advances in order to cut LW’s range of shots. LW takes a bounce shot to score.


Example 2

CB feeds LB, who receives the ball while approaching the goal and thus ties the left half-defender.
The pivot, between the two half-defenders, forces the right half-defender to help his teammate in order to spoil a pass from LB to the pivot.
LW is standing in the far corner.
LB feints a pass to the pivot before playing a bounce pass the outside defender is unable to anticipate.
 When he is moving LW takes the ball thus is able to profit form open space to shoot at the goal. The defender closes the gap but is unable to cut LW`s moving to wards the goal. LW has time to swing back, to cheat the advancing keeper before choosing the most effective shot