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Date: 8/30/2013

Qatari wild card team of El-Jaish finished third ranked at the IHF Super Globe 2013 in Doha, Qatar. The team of coach Akked Kamel defeated the African club champions Etoile Sportive du Sahel by 27:20 to secure the bronze rank, the podium place and the prize money of 150.000US Dollar in a well-deserved way.


Etoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN) – El-Jaish (QAT) 20:27 (8:13)

Both teams started with a low scoring efficiency, which proved that both defence sides including their goalkeepers stood strong. After ten minutes the score was only 2:2. But after the 5:5 El-Jaish improved, while the Tunisian side still had enormous problems in getting through the solid rock defence. By scoring a 8:3 series to the break in a highly tough and combative match the Qatari team were clearly on the winners’ way, as they shot more precisely. And Sahel even could be lucky to have Mohamed Shebib in their goal, who prevented his team from an early clear backlog.

But arriving from the dressing rooms, the Tunisians showed another face, acting much more concentrated, determined and focused. Still their problem was the low efficiency in attack, though their defence worked better. But El-Jaish withstood this strong period of their competitors, extending the gap by three straight goals from 16:12 to a pre-decisive 19:12 in minute 45.

And even a double short-handed minute did not change the run-down, as El-Jaish even scored with two players less on the court. The match action even became tougher, but El-Jaish clearly remained on the winners’ way, keeping a clear seven to eight goal distance until the final stages.

And two minutes before the final whistle the El-Jaish players already started their celebrations on the bench, jumping for joy, then dancing on the field  - and knowing that their club for the first time made it to the top 3of this competition. On the other hand, the Tunisians left the court heads held low, having in mind that they missed a great chance to make history.

Statements after the match:

Akkeb Kamel, coach El-Jaish:  11 years ago I coached Sahel’s current coach Sami Saidi, when I was at this club. It is great to see the great work he does and the strong team he has built now. To our performance today: The match for the places 3 and 4 is always difficult, as two semi-final losers face each other. But my players were well prepared and delivered a good job from the first second on. I am really proud of my players, who deserve this victory and final position.

Mohsain Yafai, player El-Jaish: We played very well and showed a successful finish of a good tournament with tough matches. Sometimes we were tired, but in general we progressed throughout the tournament.

Sami Saidi, coach Sahel:  We have a young team with an average age of 21 or 22 years, so this tournament was their first international experience. I am very happy with the way my players performed at the Super Globe, especially I am proud of this historic halftime against Barcelona. For us it was difficult to win today, as my players lacked the experience.

Loued Fakher, player Sahel: We were here to represent our country in the best possible way, and we played well in this tournament, especially in the mentioned match against Barcelona. Today we tried our best, but this is sport, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.