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Date: 8/30/2013

Like Al-Sadd, like Al-Rayyan: Both Qatari teams have won their final placement matches at the IHF Super Globe in Doha on Friday (30 August). But as Al-Sadd had taken a clear victory against Sydney in the 7( match before, Al-Rayyan needed to shiver until the final whistle of the 5/6 match until their 30:29 win over Pan-American continental club champions had been secured. Taubate’s catch-up chase came too late.

Placement match 5/6:

Taubate (BRA) – Al-Rayyan (QAT) 29:30 (12:17)

Taubate were heavily shocked from the express start of their competitors. It took only seven minutes, when coach Marcus Oliveira threw his green card on the officials’ table, as his team was down by 1:6 already. But after this wake-up call the Brazilians improved and scored four straight goals to nearly level the match again. But after this intermediate catch-up chase, Al-Rayyan were back on track, led by their best scorer Marko Bagaric.

The Qatari team avoided the famous Brazilian counter-attacks, played more efficient in attack and controlled the match by a strong defence. The outcome was a pre-decisive five goal lead at the break, which then even was extended to 24:16. Taubate –missing Guilherme Menezes after a direct red card in minute 26 – were close to surrender, but then tried hard to turn the match around.

Both teams were highly tired in their fifth game in only six days and caused a big number of mistakes in a match, which had become tougher after the break. Taubate had the greater will to stand the burden. With seven minutes on the clock, Thiago Santos managed to reduce the margin for the first time in the second half to only three goals at 24:27.

And after the 26:28, Taubate changed their defence strategy to an offensive man-to-man version, putting pressure on the Qatari attackers.  They caused turnovers, but then were too hectic in attack to take their chances, so Al-Rayyan again could make it for a three goal gap at 30:27. But still nothing was decided, as Al-Rayyan did not manage to seal the deal earlier. Finally the Taubate catch-up chase including a double strike for the final result of 29:30 came too late.

Statements after the match:

Marcus Oliveira, coach Taubate: We missed too many shots so we could not turn the result around in the end.

Guilherme Oliveira, player Taubate: It was a good fight in a fair match. Everybody could see that Al-Rayyan wanted to take revenge on their defeat against us in the preliminary round. And they were better and deserved to win.

Ilija Puljvic, coach Al-Rayyan: It was different to play for us, as 30 minutes before the start our defence specialist Hammed was out due to an injury. And as our squad had already been hit before by injuries it was tough for us to have our fifth match in six days, and had to play with the fifth different starting seven. But we fought to win.

Rayan Al Erebi, player Al-Rayyan: We deserved to win, as we had improved from match to match. Our problem was the short term of preparation, but then we became better and better during the tournament. I am happy, as we have shown to successful matches in the placement round. But I also congratulate Taubate, as they have shown a new and good style of playing.