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Date: 8/29/2013

In an unexpected clear manner Al-Rayyan have decided the All-Qatari placement round match of the IHF Super Globe in Doha on Thursday (29 August). By clashing the domestic champions Al-Sadd 32:19 (17:11) Asian club champions Al-Rayyan made it to the 5/6 placement match against Pan-American counterparts Taubate from Brazil. Both teams had already faced in the group phase, with the Qataris on the winner’s side. Al-Sadd will also face well-known faces in their 7/8 placement match on Friday, as they compete with Sydney University (Australia), which they had beaten also in the preliminary round before.

The schedule for the placement matches on Friday (all times are local):

13:30: 7/8 placement match:  Sydney University (AUS) – Al-Sadd (QAT)

15:30: 5/6 placement match: Taubate (BRA) – Al-Rayyan (QAT)

Al-Sadd (QAT) – Al-Rayyan (QAT) 19:32 (11:17)

The first half was quite vivid and full of goals. Both sides were on equal level until minute 18, when the score was 8:8. Then again it was outstanding playmaker Vasilii Filipov, who took – together with goalkeeper Vladimir Bozic – the responsibility for Al-Rayyan, pushing his team to a 8:2 series to be ahead by 16:10 in minute 28. Al-Sadd had lost their rhythm in attack, as they were running against the Al-Rayyan defence wall. Even an intermediate time-out of coach Arrouche Lakhdar did not stop the downswing, the backlog remained at six goals at the break.

And Al-Sadd seemed to resign completely, especially in their shooting efficiency. Al-Rayyan easily forged ahead by four straight goals to the first – and unexpected – double figured margin at 21:11, when Rayan Al Erebi netted in for 21:11. The match was decided, the victors could save power for the intercontinental encounter on Friday, while Al-Sadd could even manage that the backlog did not even increased furthermore.

Statements after the match:

Arrouche Lakhdar, coach Al-Sadd: It was a very bad game for us but a good lesson for our future targets in League, Cup, Heir Apparent Cup and Gulf Cup. When you loose it is always easier to attract attention from your players.


Mario Tomic, player Al-Sadd: We were really bad today. We played really well at the group stage but today it was simply not our day. We will give our best against Sydney tomorrow.


Iljia Puljevic, coach Al-Rayyan: We started bad, but we found our rhythm as the match progressed. After the loss against Taubate it was difficult for us to recover but we found the way. The coach of Al Sadd tried to change his tactics in the second half but we were well prepared unlike in the match against the Brazilians.


Mohammed Yousuf Al Muhazaa, player Al-Rayyan: We did well today; it was probably our best match in the tournament. We found our form late but this was not a surprise for me since we had only four weeks to prepare for this tournament.