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Date: 5/18/2011

Fifth edition of IHF Super Globe came to an end –THW Kiel claimed 2011 Super Globe title. www.ihf.info featured questions and answers with HF President Dr Hassan Moustafa taking stock


What conclusion are you drawing from the 2011 IHF Super Globe?

Dr Hassan Moustafa: The matches and the organisation considerably improved compared to 2010. Two great teams from Europe – well-deserved finalists THW Kiel and Ciudad Real – brought significant improvement for the Super Globe. More spectators than last year poured to the hall, and TV coverage also improved. Another important fact is that the organiser had learnt from last year. And they will continue this way. So I expect a continued improved IHF Super Globe in 2012. I would like to thank all who have contributed to this successful tournament: the organiser, the teams, the referees, the sponsors and the officials.


Was this Super Globe edition another step towards a successful World Championship in 2015 to be hosted by Qatar?

Dr Hassan Moustafa: I am assured it was. Not only the IHF, but, what is even more important, all teams and guests were greatly satisfied with the Super Globe. So this year’s Super Globe and the next editions to come will improve the quality of handball in Qatar as well as the knowledge and experience of how to organise a World Championship tournament.


What does the Super Globe mean for the development of handball in Qatar?

Dr Hassan Moustafa: It is of highest importance. The number of spectators and of TV viewers rose tremendously. These figures prove the growing interest in handball in Qatar and the whole Gulf Region. Qatar is on the right track.


The IHF organised the first ever Global Coaching Clinic on the fringes of the Super Globe. Did the GCC make a successful debut?

Dr Hassan Moustafa: It was a course of high intensity for all 45 coaches but all of them were very satisfied with the Global Coaching Clinic and the IHF lecturers alike. This course also helps handball in this region to progress.