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19 referee pairs at Japan 2019 preparation seminar06/27/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Qatar defend title; China claim first Asian Beach Handball Championship trophy06/25/2019DetailsManage Localized News
17 teams learn groups for NAC Beach Handball Championship06/25/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Kaysar claim second Asian Women’s Club title06/24/2019DetailsManage Localized News
The world celebrates Olympic Day06/23/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Groups for Women’s World Championship set06/21/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Tunisia men and women debut with double delight06/20/2019DetailsManage Localized News
2019 IHF Women’s World Championship draw 06/19/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Kaysar Club in control at halfway stage06/19/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Spain win first EHF EURO Cup06/18/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Qatar, Vietnam, Oman and Iran men strong on the Chinese sand06/18/2019DetailsManage Localized News
24 teams for EHF EURO 2020 set06/17/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Zambia and Madagascar success in Lusaka06/17/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Chile receives [email protected]06/16/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Three nations and four teams battling for continental title06/16/2019DetailsManage Localized News
China is ready for Asian beach handball spectacular06/15/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Giant step for beach handball in Africa06/14/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Olympic Torch route announced06/13/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Sydney Uni back to Super Globe after epic final win06/11/2019DetailsManage Localized News
2019 IHF Women’s World Championship – update06/10/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Zambia all set for regional clash of 10 nations06/09/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Nine European sides join Japan 2019 line-up06/08/2019DetailsManage Localized News
3rd Emerging Nations Championship set to begin in Tbilisi 06/07/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Congratulations on Eid al-Fitr06/05/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Sydney Uni aim for eighth national title06/05/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Cuba join list of 24th Women’s World Championship participants06/04/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Vardar claim second Champions League title 06/03/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea do the double in Chinese Taipei06/01/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Cologne ready for Europe’s biggest club handball weekend05/31/2019DetailsManage Localized News
Double delight for Cameroon05/30/2019DetailsManage Localized News
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