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Fixtures and Results

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Final  Rankings

1  FIN 8
2  VEN 6
3  BEN 4
4  IND 2
5 AUS 0

 All star team :

  • Best Goalkeeper:  Kristoffer KARLSSON (AUS)Best
  • Left Wing: Romaric AKOZE (BEN)
  • Best Pivot: Jose VILLEGAS (VEN)
  • Best Right Wing:  Carlos La Cruz Fernandez (VEN)
  • Best Left Back: Nico Ronnberg (FIN)
  • Best Center Back: Benny BROMAN (FIN)
  • Best Right Back: Shamsher Singh (IND)


  • Most Valuable Player: Joacim BROMAN (FIN)
  • Top Scorer: Romaric AKOZE (BEN) 31 goals


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