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Date: 3/23/2011

The Beach Handball Working Group of the IHF, in its effort to standardize the different levels in the Beach Handball Coaches Education as well as to examine the emerging technical trends in the sport, initiated a series of Top Beach Handball Coaches Seminars around the globe. The first one was held in Colombia from 3 to 8 March and the second took place - by invitation of the Croatian Handball Federation - in Zagreb from 18 to 20 March 2011.

Six European elite level coaches participated in the seminar: Marco Trespidi (Italy), Sinisa Ostoic (Croatia), Mateja Brezic (Croatia), Tamas Neukum (Hungary), Sasa Kuburovic (Serbia), and Eskil Berg Andreassen (Norway), led by the IHF Beach Handball coaching expert Fernando Posada.