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2019 Men’s World Championship 2019 Men’s World Championship
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Date: 3/21/2019

After 36 matches in Rosario, Argentina, the men’s and women’s beach handball champions of the 2019 South American Beach Games have been crowned – with both gold medal matches going to shootouts.


22 men’s and 14 women’s beach handball games featured across four match days in the ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ (Estadio Rojo, Estadio Verde) arenas on the north shore at La Florida, in the competition which started on Saturday 16 March and ended Tuesday 19 March in front of packed stands.


The Argentina women made it another gold in less than six months as their senior team added the South American title to their Youth Olympic Games title won on home sand in the capital city Buenos Aires back in October.


Their team in Rosario saw a number of youngsters promoted from that Olympic-winning squad and they repeated it again, beating pre-tournament favourites – and neighbours – Brazil to take the title.


The victory came after a tight shoot-out win (7:6) which saw Argentina goalkeeper Zoe Turnes save the final Brazilian shot to deny them a gold and grab it for her team instead. Argentina had led going into the second set, but Brazil came back to force the shoot-out. Both finalists had taken a perfect record into their last match, having both won all of their games without conceding a set.


The bronze medal saw Paraguay – also with players from Buenos Aires 2018 in their ranks – defeat Venezuela 2:0.


The result for Argentina was historic for a number of reasons as it was their first gold South American Beach Games gold medal following silver in 2011 and 2014, and their first-ever win against Brazil, which included their first-ever set too as they had never won one against their neighbours in any official women’s beach competition previously.


But, guided by coach Salvador Comparone and led on the sand by pivot Gisella Bonomi, they prevailed at last. "The union of this group identifies us as a team and gives us strength,” said Argentina play Ivana Eliges to the official Rosario 2019 website. “We have fun and we know each other a lot on and off the sand – it is our essence and helps us overcome every obstacle that is presented to us, helping us to move forward and achieve our objectives.”


In the men’s competition, Brazil continued their global dominance, defeating Uruguay 6:4 in the shoot-out, although after the first set, with a 24:10 win under their belts, many watching thought it would not go all the way.


However, Uruguay, who had not conceded a set in their previous four matches, found strength and won the second 16:10 – handing Brazil their first lost set after five games – but the current world champions found their way in the shoot-out to take gold. In the bronze medal match, Venezuela beat Chile 2:0.


For all results visi: suramericanos.gob.ar/resultados-en-vivo and for further information on the South American Beach Games, which are continuing visit their official website at suramericanos.gob.ar, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Results – Beach Handball at the 2019 South American Beach Games


Saturday 16 March


Men’s Competition

PER vs COL 2-1 (18:20, 20:14, SO 8:6)

ECU vs VEN 1-2 (18:20, 23:20, SO 6:9)


Sunday 17 March


Men’s Competition

ARG vs CHI 0-2 (14:15, 18:20)

URU vs PAR 2-0 (16:6, 16:8)

PER vs VEN 0-2 (14:30, 10:19)

BRA vs COL 2-0 (22:11, 18:10)

ARG vs PAR 2-1 (14:19, 20:12, SO 10:2)

CHI vs URU 0-2 (16:20, 10:18)

COL vs VEN 1-2 (14:12, 10:22, SO 4:10)

ECU vs BRA 0-2 (10:12, 16:24)


Women’s Competition

BRA vs COL 2-0 (14:6, 28:2)

ARG vs CHI 2-0 (22:20, 18:4)

PER vs PAR 0-2 (2:18, 1:20)

COL vs VEN 1-2 (18:14, 10:15, SO 4:7)

ARG vs PER 2-0 (24:6, 16:6)

CHI vs PAR 1-2 (18:27, 13:11, SO 4:5)


Monday 18 March


Men’s Competition

PER vs BRA 0-2 (12:18, 10:30)

ECU vs COL 2-0 (18:14, 20:15)

ARG vs URU 0-2 (25:26, 22:26)

CHI vs PAR 2-0 (20:14, 17:14)

BRA vs VEN 2-0 (25:22, 20:16)

ECU vs PER 2-0 (21:10, 24:18)


Women’s Competition

ARG vs PAR 2-0 (13:12, 13:8)

CHI vs PER 2-0 (20:6, 10:4)

BRA vs VEN 2-0 (19:7, 21:18)


Tuesday 19 March


Men’s Competition

Semi-Final 1: BRA vs CHI 2-0 (18:10, 33:18)

Semi-Final 2: URU vs VEN 2-0 (20:16, 16:13)


7/8 Placement Match: PER vs PAR 0-2 (16:18, 14:25)

5/6 Placement Match: ARG vs ECU 2-0 (26:12, 19:18)


Bronze Medal Match: VEN vs CHI 2-0 (14:13, 20:16)

Gold Medal Match: BRA vs URU 2-1 (24:10, 10:16, SO 6:4)


Women’s Competition

Semi-Final 1: BRA vs PAR 2-0 (20:12, 22:10)

Semi-Final 2: ARG vs VEN 2-0 (19:12, 22:7)


5/6 Placement Match: CHI vs COL 2-1 (14:18, 14:8, SO 7:6)

Bronze Medal Match: PAR vs VEN 2-0 (14:11, 10:9)

Gold Medal Match: ARG vs BRA 2-1 (15:14, 13:16, SO 7:6)