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Date: 7/9/2018

From 10-14 July 2018, eight teams from four countries compete for regional honours at the IHF Trophy - South American Zone tournament to be held in Bolivia’s capital Sucre.


In both the youth and junior competitions, the teams of Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru face each other in the preliminary round before places three and four in the table play the bronze-medal matches, while the top two teams fight for the titles in the Centro de Alto Rendimiento.


The best two teams from both categories will advance to the Continental Phase, with the winners of the IHF Trophy Intercontinental Junior Championships earning an automatic spot at the 2019 IHF Men’s Junior World Championships in Spain.


Referees from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay will whistle at the competition.


As is the case for all IHF Trophy events, the IHF will conduct referee and coaching seminars in parallel with the event.


All matches will be streamed live on YouTube.



Participating teams: Bolivia (BOL), Ecuador (ECU), Paraguay (PAR), Peru (PER)


Youth competition


10 July

10:00 PER vs PAR

12:00 ECU vs BOL


11 July

12:00 PAR vs ECU

14:00 BOL vs PER


12 July

12:00 BOL vs PAR

14:00 ECU vs PER


13 July

14:00 Bronze-medal match


14 July

14:00 Final


Junior competition


10 July

14:00 PAR vs ECU

16:00 BOL vs PER


11 July

16:00 ECU vs BOL

18:00 PER vs PAR


12 July

16:00 PER vs ECU

18:00 BOL vs PAR


13 July

16:00 Bronze-medal match


14 July

16:00 Final