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Date: 10/8/2018

After their 2:1 (16:10, 22:23, SO 10:8) shoot-out win over Thailand in the opening match of men’s preliminary group A, Spain’s goalkeeper Guillermo GARCIA-CABANAS CARQUES spoke with IHF.info about the pressure of playing as the number one team in the world and what he loves about the sport.

IHF.info: You started your Olympic Games medal campaign with a tight 2:1 shoot-out win over Thailand, how are you feeling?

Guillermo GARCIA-CABANAS CARQUES: It was a bit scary because the shoot-out was very long, it went to two rounds – it was sudden death and you can lose [or win] the match. When Pau (FERRE ANDREU – defender) my teammate saved the last shot it was incredible – everyone stood up and celebrated, it was amazing. 

We actually hit the post at the end of second period and could have won in normal time - we were a little disappointed not to score. We watched the flight [of the ball] and were 100% certain it would be a goal, but then it bounced and hit the post.

In the end though, we stood up and won the shoot-out.

IHF.info: As the number one men’s team in the world, do you feel pressure that everyone wants to beat you?

A little bit, this kind of tournament everyone is as good as us, so we don’t feel like we are the best ones, we are at the level of the other ones.

IHF.info: You can now say you have played at the Olympic Games, how does that sound? Has it been hard to concentrate on playing and your games with all the distractions of such a big sporting event?

Guillermo GARCIA-CABANAS CARQUES: It sounds amazing to say that I have played at an Olympic Games. Very, very few people at my age can say that and I am one of the few ones.

We have to be very focussed on our games - we came here to represent our country. A lot of people believe in us, so we have to focus here and have success and then we can do anything we want out there.

IHF.info: How did you get involved in beach handball?

Guillermo GARCIA-CABANAS CARQUES: I was playing the indoor game but about three years ago I was playing in a park where I live in Madrid. My coach saw me and told me about beach handball. I started playing, I liked it and then played in beach handball tournaments around the country.

The national team called me, I started playing and then a little bit more and more and now I love it.

IHF.info: What is your message to the young people watching the games here in Buenos Aires who are thinking about what sport to play?

Guillermo GARCIA-CABANAS CARQUES: They must start playing beach handball. It’s a fun sport – you have lots of fun with your teammates and make a lot of friends.