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Date: 5/14/2018

One of the busiest IHF Trophy events this year throws off today as Uganda hosts 15 east African teams from eight nations in the Africa - Zone V tournament which finishes on Sunday 20 May.


The tournament features two age categories – Junior (born on or after 1 January 1998) and Youth (born on or after 1 January 2000).


In the Junior category Burundi (BDI), Ethiopia (ETH), Kenya (KEN), Rwanda (RWA), Somalia (SOM), Sudan (SUD), Tanzania (TAN) and hosts Uganda (UGA will play for the title, while the same teams, with the exception of Rwanda, who will not send a youth team will compete in the youth tournament.


Two venues will co-host the games in the Uganda capital Kampala with matches split between the Nambole National Stadium and Lugogo Hockey Grounds. As usual, the IHF will conduct referee and coaching seminars in parallel with the competition.


The junior and youth competitions will be split into two preliminary groups each with teams playing each other once. The top two teams in each group will then go through to the semi-finals.


The eventual winning teams from both age categories will advance to the IHF Trophy Continental Phase, to be held later this year, with the winners of the eventual IHF Trophy Intercontinental Junior Championships earning an automatic spot at the 2019 IHF Men’s Junior World Championships in Spain.


In 2019, the IHF Trophy will be for junior and youth women’s teams with the same format and qualification potential for the following years’ IHF Junior World Championships (2020).


The IHF Trophy will then continue to alternate between men’s and women’s competitions each year.



All times local


Youth Competition


Preliminary Group A: Uganda, Sudan, Djibouti (withdrew), Burundi

Preliminary Group B: Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania


Monday 14 May

10:00    ETH vs TAN

12:00    SUD vs BDI

14:00    SOM vs KEN

16:00    UGA vs DJI


Tuesday 15 May

10:00    BDI vs UGA

12:00    TAN vs SOM

14:00    DJI vs SUD

16:00    KEN vs ETH


Wednesday 16 May

10:00    SOM vs ETH

12:00    UGA vs SUD

14:00    DJI vs BDI

16:00    KEN vs TAN


Thursday 17 May

14:00    Placement Match 7/8


Friday 18 May

10:00    Semi-Final 1

12:00    Semi-Final 2


Saturday 19 May

14:00    Placement Match 5/6

12:00    Bronze (3/4 Placement Match)


Sunday 20 May

14:00    Final


Junior Competition


Preliminary Group A: Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya

Preliminary Group B: Burundi, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda,


Monday 14 May

10:00    TAN vs KEN

12:00    UGA vs RWA

14:00    SUD vs ETH

16:00    BDI vs SOM


Tuesday 15 May

10:00    KEN vs SUD

12:00    RWA vs BDI

14:00    ETH vs TAN

16:00    SOM vs UGA


Wednesday 16 May

10:00    ETH vs KEN

12:00    SOM vs RWA

14:00    SUD vs TAN

16:00    BDI vs UGA


Thursday 17 May

16:00    Placement Match 7/8


Friday 18 May

14:00    Semi-Final 1

16:00    Semi-Final 2


Saturday 19 May

12:00    Placement Match 5/6

14:00    Bronze (3/4 Placement Match)


Sunday 20 May

16:00    Final