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Date: 6/9/2019

Zambia will host both the youth (Under 17, born in 2002 and younger) and junior (U19, born in 2000 and younger) CAHB African IHF Women’s Trophy Zone VI competitions from Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 June in capital city Lusaka.


Alongside hosts Zambia (ZAM), Botswana (BOT), Lesotho (LES), Madagascar (MAD), Malawi (MAW), Mozambique (MOZ), South Africa (RSA), Seychelles (SEY), Swaziland (SWZ) and Zimbabwe (ZIM) are all sending teams for both age categories with the winners of each qualifying through to the CAHB African IHF Women’s Trophy – Continental Phase to be held later this year.


Both competitions will feature 21 games each, starting with three initial preliminary groups – two with three teams and one with four teams. The top teams in all three groups, plus the second-placed team in the group of four will qualify through to the semi-finals, with the winners of those playing each other in the final.


The Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) will be used for both competitions with the junior games held on the indoor court and youth games on the outdoor court.


Speaking ahead of the competition to local media, Josab Changa, Secretary General of the Handball Association of Zambia said: “The Handball Association of Zambia is humbled and grateful that the international mother bodies are able to recognise and appreciate that Zambia is a peaceful sporting nation capable of hosting international events due to her geographical location and historical background.


“Furthermore, hosting the tournaments also demonstrates that we have made really positive strides in the development of handball both locally and at regional level.


“We are committed to ensuring that both our Under 17 and 20 women’s handball national teams, playing at home, emerge victorious during the tournament and qualify to the IHF Women’s Trophy African Continental Championship to take place later within the year.”


Whistling at the tournament are eight referee couples from across Africa: Antonio Escurinho Filipe/Elvio Edgar Jose Gomes (ANG), Aduayi Akue Adote Setowu/Aduayi Akue Adote Tonkomabu (TOG), Ahanouss Rachid/Moqrich Ismail (MAR), Loufoua Cyprien Nivel/Yoa Clavier (CGO), Kedis Moustafa Shawki/Mouhamed Mahmoud Adel Moussa (EGY), Khiari Hassen/Boughrara Amine (TUN), Badouna Kongo Ulrich Gael/Pindi Yannick Stephane (GAB) and Ghoul Mahieddine/Chergui Oussama (ALG).


As usual, the IHF will be organising a coaching course during the IHF Trophy competition, with Boubekeur Zermani from Algeria travelling to Zambia as lecturer.


Match Schedule

All times local


Youth (U17) Competition


Group A: MAD, MAW, BOT


Group C: ZAM, ZIM, SWZ


Tuesday 11 June

09:00    MAD vs MAW

11:00    MOZ vs RSA

15:00    LES vs SEY

17:00    ZAM vs ZIM


Wednesday 12 June

09:00    BOT vs MAD

11:00    SEY vs RSA

15:00    MOZ vs LES

17:00    ZIM vs SWZ


Thursday 13 June

09:00    MAW vs BOT

11:00    SEY vs MOZ

15:00    RSA vs LES

17:00    SWZ vs ZAM


Friday 14 June

09:00    Placement Round 7-10

11:00    Placement Round 7-10

15:00    Semi-Final 1

17:00    Semi-Final 2


Saturday 15 June

09:00    Placement 9-10

11:00    Placement 7-8

13:00    Placement 5-6

15:00    Bronze Medal Match

17:00    Gold Medal Match


Junior (U19) Competition


Group A: MOZ, RSA, LES

Group B: ZAM, MAW, SEY



Tuesday 11 June

14:00    MOZ vs RSA

16:00    MAD vs ZIM

18:00    BOT vs SWZ

20:00    ZAM vs MAW


Wednesday 12 June

14:00    RSA vs LES

16:00    SWZ vs ZIM

18:00    MAD vs BOT

20:00    SEY vs MAW


Thursday 13 June

14:00    LES vs MOZ

16:00    SWZ vs MAD

18:00    ZIM vs BOT

20:00    SEY vs ZAM


Friday 14 June

14:00    Placement Round 7-10

16:00    Placement Round 7-10

18:00    Semi-Final 1

20:00    Semi-Final 2


Saturday 15 June

10:00    Placement 9-10

12:00    Placement 7-8

14:00    Placement 5-6

16:00    Bronze Medal Match

18:00    Gold Medal Match