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Date: 10/12/2017

As part of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity programme, organised to provide assistance for National Olympic Committees (NOCs) with the greatest need, a training course was held in Cape Verde in August. IHF lecturer Pablo Juan Greco from Brazil ran the 12-day course from August 16 to 27 in Praia.

The Initial Level 1 training course featured a total of 33 participants – 21 men and 12 women, 15 of whom qualified for higher-level training. A number of topics were addressed throughout the course, including tactical and technical training methods at various levels of performance, components of sports performance, and teaching strategies, along with focused subjects such as goalkeeping, different defensive formations and counter attacks.

The Cape Verde women’s Junior national team were in attendance throughout much of the course, enabling participants to gain valuable practical experience as they implemented the knowledge gained in lectures.

Olympic Solidarity courses in locations such as Cape Verde are valuable not only to teach skills and impart knowledge, but to gain a clearer understanding of the challenges facing each NOC. In Cape Verde, Dr Greco identified the acquisition of equipment including handballs and books on the subject as one major difficulty.

Dr Greco’s recommendations following the course included planning of activities to further develop teaching methods, and the provision of materials to assist referees and players to achieve their full potential.

“A schedule of annual activities was established during the course, with the active participation of the President of the Federation, where the categories of mini handball, children, minors, cadets and youths will be prioritised,” said Dr Greco, who also recommended a [email protected] course be run in the country.

“Suggestions were made for interaction with programmes and activities in public schools, in which participants of the course will be offering classes and workshops as a way of disseminating handball.”