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Date: 9/27/2011

From 10 to 21 January 2012 the African Cup of Nations for men and women will be staged in the cities of Rabat and Salé in Morocco. The winners of those tournaments qualify directly for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the two runner-ups book their tickets for the Olympic Qualification Tournaments in April (men) and May (women).

In total twelve men’s and ten women’s teams compete for the medals; the draw for this event has now taken place in Casablanca, Morocco, attended by Mansourou Aremou, President of the African Handball Confederation (CAHB). “The African Cup of Nations will be a very attractive tournament, as there are a huge number of strong teams in this competition,” Aremou said.

The draw results of the Preliminary Round groups are the following:

Men’s tournament:
Group A: Tunisia, DR Congo, Morocco, Gabon, Congo, Senegal
Group B: Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria

Women’s tournament:
Group A: Angola, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, DR Congo, Egypt
Group B: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Congo, Senegal