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Date: 4/13/2018

The IHF Trophy Africa – Zone III has reached the last days of competition with Nigeria remaining as the only unbeaten team in both the junior (born on or after January 1, 1998) and youth (born on or after January 1, 2000) competitions.


After the completion of the Preliminary Round of two groups each in both age groups, Niger (NIG), Burkina Faso (BUR), Nigeria (NGR) and Benin (BEN) will make up the semi-finals in both competitions, with the final four teams in action today, 13 April 2018.


Both competitions see Niger play Burkina Faso and Nigeria take on Benin in the semi-finals, with the winners playing each other on Saturday (14th April) for the title.


Yesterday Cote d’Ivoire beat Togo in the junior 5/6 Placement Match 26:19. In the youth competition, Ghana’s non-appearance rendered a 5/6 Placement Match unnecessary and the Preliminary Round was taken into consideration. Therefore, Cote d’Ivoire – who had beaten Togo 23:26 – finish on 5th place.


RESULTS: IHF Trophy - Zone III Africa (Niamey, Niger)

All times local


Monday 9 April


Youth Competition

NIG vs BEN 27:19

CIV vs NGR 18:47

TOG vs BUR 24:38


Junior Competition

BUR vs BEN 29:25

TOG vs NIG 19:42


Tuesday 10 April


Youth Competition

NGR vs TOG 48:13

BUR vs CIV 25:23


Junior Competition

CIV vs BUR 23:28

NGR vs TOG 41:16


Wednesday 11 April


Youth Competition

BUR vs NGR 22:38

TOG vs CIV 23:26


Junior Competition

BEN vs CIV 33:28

NIG vs NGR 25:34


Playing Schedule


Thursday 12 April


Junior Competition

20:00     5/6 Placement Match: CIV vs TOG 26:19


Friday 13 April


Youth Competition

18:00     Semi-final: NIG vs BUR

20:00     Semi-final: NGR vs BEN


Junior Competition

18:00     Semi-final: NGR vs BEN

20:00     Semi-final: BUR vs NIG


Saturday 14 April


Youth Competition

18:00     Bronze (3/4 Placement)

20:00     Final (1/2 Placement)


Junior Competition

18:00     Bronze (3/4 Placement)

20:00     Final (1/2 Placement)


Photos: Niger Handball Federation