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Date: 6/25/2018

After four successful courses so far in 2018, the IHF Olympic Solidarity programme now travels to Jordan. There, IHF lecturer Professor Khaled Hammouda, together with local IHF expert Dr Taiysir Mansi, will conduct a course for coaches, Physical Education teachers and others looking to increase their knowledge of handball coaching in Amman from June 25 to July 4.


The course is designed mainly for those new to coaching handball, and will include both theoretical and practical subjects. Topics covered over the duration of the 10-day course will include training for different age groups and levels; match situations such as positional attack and counter attack, defence, and goalkeeping; and warm-up. Participants will also learn about team selection, planning for training, and weight training.


30 coaches and PE teachers are registered to take part in the course.


Olympic Solidarity in action


The Olympic Solidarity programme is an initiative of the International Olympic Committee, introduced in the 1960s with the goal of assisting newly independent countries to develop their athletes, coaches and sports administrators. Now, the focus is on helping those National Olympic Federation most in need and promoting the Olympic values.


In 2018, the IHF has organised four courses, in Rwanda, Mongolia, Pakistan and Cyprus. In 2017, the IHF ran courses in Belarus, Malawi, Cape Verde, Latvia, Somalia, Serbia and Costa Rica.