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Date: 10/17/2011

After two match days of the Asian Women’s Olympic Qualification played in Changzhou on 13 and 15 October, Korea and Japan are still spotless and have taken the lead. The winner of this tournament played with six teams directly qualifies for the Olympic Games in London 2012, the runners-up will participate in one of the Olympic Qualification Tournaments played from 25 to 27 May 2012.


Ranking after match day 3:

1. Korea 4 points

2. Japan 4 points

3. China 2 points

4. Kazakhstan 1 point

5. DPR Korea 1 point

6. Turkmenistan 0 points



Kazakhstan vs. Japan 26:38 (14:18)

It was the first step for the Japanese team of Korean coach Kyung Young Hwang against current Asian champion Kazakhstan coached by the Korean Youn Tae Il. Japan dominated the match from the very beginning thanks to their typical counter-attacks. Best scorer for Japan was right wing Shiori Kamimachi (9 goals) and for Kazakhstan centre back Irina Baranovskaya (7 goals).


Korea vs. DPR Korea 44:29 (18:11)

Although the North Korean girls were compact in defence and attack, the Koreans were too strong for DPR Korea in this “sisters’ duel”. The team of Kang Jae-Won clearly beat DPR Korea in both halves. Best scorers of Korea were Woo Sun Hee and Kim Cha Youn with 6 goals each, and from DPR Korea Yang Un Gyong with 9 goals. Both teams showed a high level of sportsmanship before and during the match.


Kazakhstan vs. DPR Korea           22:22 (13:15)

For both teams this draw could lead to losing the realistic chance of winning one of the best places. DPR Korea started furiously and prevailed over Kazakhstan till the 55th minute, when the Kazakh team equalized. Best scorer of Kazakhstan was Xeniya Volnukhina with 5 goals and from DPR Korea Kil Mi Hyang with 5 goals.


Korea vs. Turkmenistan 45:11 (23:6)

Turkmenistan showed a better performance than in their opening match, but the opponent was too strong. Left back Lee Eun Bi scored 8 goals to be the best scorer of the one-sided match against Jennet Rahimova from Turkmenistan with 4 goals.


China vs. Japan 21:26 (12:11)

At the end of the first half China was in lead 12:11, but the 5,000 spectators in Changzhou Olympic Arena were not satisfied with the performance of the host after the break, as Japan gained their second victory in this decisive duel. Japan’s coach Kyung Young Hwang set a compact variable defence against the taller players of China. Shio Fuji was the key player with 7 goals, whereas China lacked both in attack and defence after the break.