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Date: 1/25/2019

The IHF’s programme of Olympic Solidarity courses for 2019 has already begun, with the first course having been completed in January in Manama, Bahrain where Dr Nabeel Taha ran a successful C level technical course from January 10th to 17th. There were a total of 39 participants in the course, mainly coaches, physical education teachers and students, including two women.


The course was run in close cooperation with both the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Bahrain Handball Federation. The governing bodies were represented on site in Manama over the eight-day course by Mahmood Yateem, Head of the Bahrain Olympic Academy; Khaled Alnajem, Secretary General of the Bahrain Handball Federation (BHF); and Isa Mohasen, BHF Board Member and Head of the Coaches Programme. Dr Taha also collaborated with local expert Sayed Abbas Altublani.


The course content included the introductory games; technical intentions of defence and individual tactical offence; and complex group work regarding facets of both defence and offence, including fast breaks and seven-against-six. “Each topic included a theory part and a practical and implementation part,” said Dr Taha. The course ran for approximately eight hours each day.


“Most of the participants were athletes and PE teachers, hence this helped in understanding the topics and delivering the message,” said Dr Taha. “Also, due to the popularity of handball in Bahrain, as it is the second sport, made the interest big among participants.


“Two demonstration teams were available in the course, which made it very easy to deliver the message and show the practical side of the course.”


Following the completion of the education portion of the course, participants were assessed based on a written and practical evaluation.


Dr Taha’s recommendations at the course conclusion included the organisation of a specialised course for female handball coaches: “Bahrain just started a league for females, hence there is huge interest in the field. However, the level of male and female coaches vary a lot, making it difficult to accommodate them in the same level.”


Dr Taha also recommended the organisation of a regional coaching course in Bahrain.