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Date: 12/18/2011

What a sensational result: World Championship host Brazil was absolute eager to win the encounter for the fifth place, whilst defending champion Russia failed miserably. Winning this game in an absolute clear way 20:36 Brazil took their best ever result at World Championships. The only match they lost was decisive, as it was the quarter-final against Spain, which meant the end of the medal dream. But players and fans celebrated their final victory in this home ground tournament.


Placement match 5/6:

Russia – Brazil 20:36 (11:18)

On her 33rd birthday Chana Masson was highly motivated – and she thrilled her team, which had a much bigger will to win compared to the defending champion. The host of the World Championship was highly focused and besides Masson, Alexandra Nascimento was the key to the clear lead at the break: She scored six goals in the first half. Russia (without injured pivot Liudmila Bodnieva) was unexpected weak in defence and did not show enough concentration and will in attack. Only goalkeeper Anna Sedoykina stood strong and avoided an even clearer backlog. After the 5:4 lead Brazil scored an impressive 9:3 series and was in lead with seven goals for the first time at 14:7, as they were much more efficient in attack. And after a short Russian catch-up chase they restored the seven goals margin at the break.

In the second half, Russia completely stopped playing: Thanks to brilliant Masson and Nascimento, Brazil decided the match very early and really clashed Russia in their worst performance at this World Championship. As the host fought for every ball, Russia nearly missed every shot. It took only six minutes, when the margin was already ten goals at 22:12 and ten minutes before the end the Russian disaster was complete at a 14-goals gap. And after Chana Masson had finalized her “shift in the goal” in the 52nd minute, the spectators in the arena celebrated her with standing ovations. And in the end of the match Masson additionally received a very special birthday gift – as she was awarded best player of the match.

Russia showed an absolute disappointing and uninspired performance – but despite this result they still can hope to become host of one of the Olympic Qualification Tournaments (25-27 May 2012). To reach this goal, they have to cross their fingers for France. If France beat Norway in the final, Russia will be organizer of this tournament.



Statements after the match:

Jewgeny Trefilow, coach Russia: I have to thank the Brazilian organizers for this tournament. About the match there is not much to say. The team which scores more goals, wins, and Brazil was a strong opponent. I have to take the responsibility for this defeat.

Morten Soubak, coach Brazil: We are very glad and happy, as we reached the best result ever at World Championships. We are satisfied, but we are also sad, that we missed the semi-final. We could have finished better. But in my general balance I am really satisfied: We made a great step and we showed that we have the potential to be equal with the best teams of the world. This gives us confidence for the Olympic Games. The spectators were great and really supported us, and I was really impressed by the huge media interest we caused in Brazil.

Victoria Zhilinskayte, player Russia: It was a very bad day for us, as we were no team, neither in attack, nor in defence. It seemed that every ball was falling from our hands.

Eduarda Amorim, player Brazil: We played well from the first minute on and we gave no chance to Russia, as we controlled the game for 60 minutes. I am really satisfied with this victory.