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Date: 6/27/2019

19 referee pairs from Asia, Africa, Europe and Pan America gathered in Copenhagen from June 21 to 23 for a preparation seminar prior to the 24th IHF Women’s World Championship in Japan. The 19 pairs will be reduced to 16 or 17 for the World Championship. The goal of the course was simple: “To unify criteria according with the PRC line,” says Playing Rules and Referees Commission (PRC) Chairman Ramon Gallego.


Gallego describes the 19 pairs as “a mixture between top experience and young talents ready to learn, but all with high quality – all deserve to be in this course.”


The course involved lectures and discussions on key topics including the progressive line of punishment (Rule 8), attacker fouls, penalty throws, body language and the modern refereeing style, and passive play. There were special presentations on situations with the empty goal, the Last 30 seconds of the game, fast throw-offs and the new guidelines in 2019. The referees also undertook and passed the rules test, video test and physical test.


In addition, the referees worked with IHF fitness coaches Sergi Cedrun and Dani Ariño, who, on this occasion, focused on guidance for all-year planning and specific training in preparation for the World Championship; stretching; and control of weight, body fat and body mass index. “The referees are also elite sportsmen and women, they must show a fit image,” says Gallego.


The PRC will monitor the referee pairs over the coming months to ensure the concepts and criteria outlined at the course are applied.


For the 24 teams and coaches at the 24th IHF Women’s World Championship, the PRC and Commission of Organising and Competitions (CCM) will provide clear guidance, via documents and video clips with explanations, on the topics discussed at the course. In Kumamoto, the PRC and CCM will review the most important concepts and answer all questions from the team coaches.