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Date: 12/30/2010

Do you believe that the World Championship in Sweden will be a real highlight for international handball?
Peter Gentzel: I do believe that the World Championship in Sweden will be a highlight for international handball – remember the European Championship in 2002. With around 100 TV channels, possibly two billion TV viewers in 160 countries I think it will be the highlight of this handball season.

What do you expect from host Sweden in terms of sports and organization?
Peter Gentzel: I hope, together with the Championship organization, that this will be the best organized World Championship ever. Hopefully over 200,000 spectators will make it a huge success.

What are your expectations concerning the performance of your team in Sweden?
Peter Gentzel: The Swedish team can - with a good start in the group and the support of the home crowd - reach the semi-final. If so it would be a huge success for Swedish handball.

Which teams do you rate main contenders for the World Championship title?
Peter Gentzel: As for the potential winners I expect France, Croatia and Denmark to be the main contenders for the title.

Which players might become the big stars in Sweden?
Peter Gentzel: The same players as at the last World Championship will also be the big stars here in Sweden.