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Date: 12/22/2010

Do you believe that the World Championship in Sweden will be a real highlight for international handball?
Matilda Boson: Yes, absolutely. In Sweden we are really looking forward to this World Championship and prepare ourselves as good as we can.

What do you expect from Sweden in terms of sports and organization?
Matilda Boson: I expect that we are really well prepared and that everything will be well structured. I think the players who come here will get a fantastic experience.

What are your expectations concerning the performance of your team in Sweden?
Matilda Boson: I hope they manage to get to the semi-finals so that they can experience the great finals in Malmö.

Which teams do you rate main contenders for the World Championship title?
Matilda Boson: France, Croatia and hopefully Sweden.

Which players might become the big stars in Sweden?
Matilda Boson: I hope that Jonas Källman can finally show the Swedish audience what a world player he really is, and if Kim Anderson also comes in the form needed, it can be lots of fun for Sweden.