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Date: 12/16/2007

5.49 pm Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy on Sunday: Russia defended their World Championship title (29:24 against NOR). The trophy was awarded by IHF President Hassan Moustafa to the Russian captain Inna Suslina. And Suslina had been one of the important players for Russia in the final and was also awarded the present as best player of the match. Reigning European champions Norway were somewhat disappointed after the final whistle, while the players from Russia were celebrating their victory dancing and kissing on the court. Best scorer for the old and new World Champions in the final were Polenowa and Kareeva with six goals each, best Norwegian scorer was Kari Mete Johansen. Coach Jewgenj Trefilow had chosen the right tactics against Norway, after losing another tight match against the Norwegians in the main round. Especially Russia's defence including goalkeeper Suslina was responsible for the final victory. When the Russians' rate of mistakes increased, Norway was not able to play the speedy play with their famous fast-breaks. After 7:7 Russian scored a series of 9:5 until half-time and in this way paved the way to victory. Even when Norway managed to reduce the margin with the second interval halfway through, Russia stayed calm and concentrated. The French referees Bord/Buy now whistled both World Championship finals this year, the men's final in Germany and the women's final in France.

Bronze medal match
Germany - Romania 36:35 (32:32, 11:18)
Germany had to experience the biggest rollercoaster before reaching their first bronze medal since 1997 - endless cheer and dancing after extra-time as if they would have just become World Champions. They had to thank their outstanding right back Grit Jurack again, who score twelve goals, one less than Romania's top scorer Mairosi. After a more or less one-sided first half, Germany just needed eleven minutes in half-time two to equalise again. Jurack's goals and brilliant saves by goalkeepers Englert and Woltering turned the match to a score of 26:25. But Romania improved again, especially from goals of Maier. One minute before the end, everything seemed clear for Romania, but then Krause and Baumbach scored for Germany to require extra-time (32:32). These last ten minutes were very close, but again Krause scored. With the final whistle Romania was granted a free-throw, but the German defence blocked the shots


All-Star Team

Valérie Nicolas (FRA) - goalkeeper

Polina Vyakhireva (RUS) - left wing

Ionela Stanca-Galca (ROU) - pivot

Yana Uskova (RUS) - right wing

Gro Hammerseng (NOR) - left back

Anita Görbicz (HUN) - centre back

Grit Jurack (GER) - right back


Top Scorer: Grit Jurack (GER) - 85 goals

Most Valuable Player: Katja Nyberg (NOR)