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Date: 12/18/2014

From 8 to 14  December 2014 a GRTP course was staged in St. Gallen after four previous editions in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2012. The course was held by IHF-PRC Member Roland Bürgi (SUI) who was supported by IHF Lecturer Felix Rätz (SUI)  and IHF Rule Expert Hanspeter Knabenhans (SUI). A total of  8 couples participated in this course from CRO, EGY, FIN, GER, MNE, ROU, RUS, and SWE. The couples from GER and ROU were women couples. Furthermore the 2 IHF-couples participating in the ARTP program praxis work during the last 4 weeks before this course also in Switzerland were also invited to this GRTP course to be updated in theory and to pass the official tests of GRTP. Besides the important theory part with lectures specially dedicated to Rule 8 (Progressive Punishment and Offensive Foul), special IHF-teaching advices, moving paths and positioning as well as lectures for pivot and wing situations, the referees has to undergo also the usual tests for fitness and rule knowledge. About total 14 games from national Championship in the top 2 leagues from men and women and 16 games in the International women tournament Stadtwerke-Cup, were made available for praxis work with the GRTP-referees.

 During the closing ceremony of the GRTP course, Mr. Roland Bürgi  awarded  the following referees with the status of an IHF-referee. Handing them over  the IHF-Badge and the exclusive IHF-Referee Pin. FIN - LAITINEN Jonas / KORJA Miro; MNE - MITROVIC Novica / VESOVIC Miljan; RUS - KIYASHKO Alexey / KISELEV Dmitry and SWE - KURTAGIC Mirza / WETTERWIK Mattias.

 The International Handball Federation would like to congratulate the referees on their success and wish them successful career on the Competitions under the umbrella of the IHF.