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Date: 12/21/2012

The island of Rodrigues hosted an IHF/IOC Olympic Solidarity course held in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. About 20 handball coaches and PE teachers - half of them female - took part in that course conducted by Frenchman Paul Landuré, former coach of France’s successful women’s junior team, runners-up of the 2012 World Championship in the Czech Republic. So it was obvious that during his six-day course (technical coaching level 1) Landuré gave the focus to the development of young players.
Co-organised by the National Olympic Committee of Mauritius and the Mauritius Handball Federation, technical and tactical skills for a modern youth training were taught. Main subjects of the course were the observation and evaluation of young players, the preparation for long-term goals, basics of the game of young players and principles in attack, defence and goalkeeping.

All participating coaches received the updated teaching material in writing and in electronic format to become multipliers in their regions. And all had to undergo a theoretical and a practical test to pass the course.

Landuré was impressed by the high level: “The area offers a great potential of young talented players. Executives are eager to take care of those young handball players and to make handball grow on the Rodrigues island”, the Frenchman mentioned in his final report.