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Date: 12/17/2012

After missing a medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London by a whisker as the fourth-ranked team, Korea’s women proved their dominance on continental level again. Thanks to a clear 40:22 (18:12) final victory over China at the Asian Championship in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Korea clearly remains the Asian record title-holder. The goals of Ryu Eunhee already lifted the margin to 6 goals with the score at 18:12 when changing ends. Then China resigned and Korea overran their opponent. Outstanding player of the final was Sumin Choi, who contributed 13 goals out of 14 attempts. Chinese top scorer was Sha Zhengwen (scoring six goals).

Japan had a tight and thrilling match with defending champion Kazakhstan they won by 21:20 (7:8) to gain the bronze. Japan’s match winner was Yuko Arihama, who scored the final four and decisive goals for Japan and became top scorer (scoring eight goals). Kazakhstan had dominated the first half, before Japan turned the match upside down in the second half by forging ahead to 21:17. In the end the Kazakhs came close to a one-goal margin again.
Consequently the 2010 Asian champions failed to qualify for the 2013 Women’s World Championship in Serbia. Asia will be represented by the three medallists Korea, China and Japan.

The first semi-final in Yogyakarta had been the remake of the 2010 final in Almaty. However, Korea clearly took the upper hand this time. After a half-time score of 16:10, the Koreans outclassed Kazakhstan 34:21 to take revenge for the defeat two years ago. The second semi had been much tighter, as China needed to give all they can to beat Japan 28:25 (13:12).
And on the final matchday host Indonesia could celebrate their first victory, as they defeated Kuwait by 26:21 (13:8) in the match for 11th /12th place. Iran, Chinese Taipei and DPR Korea were the winners of the remaining placement matches.

Result summary:
Korea – Kazakhstan 34:21 (16:10), Japan – China 25:28 (12:13)

Bronze final:
Kazakhstan – Japan 20:21 (8:7)

Korea – China 40:22 (18:12)

Placement matches:
5/6: PR Korea – Uzbekistan 41:28 (21:13)
7/8: India – Chinese Taipei 24:40 (11:21)
9/10: Iran – Turkmenistan 23:18 (12:11)
11/12: Kuwait – Indonesia 21:26 (8:13)

Final ranking:
Gold: Korea
Silver: China
Bronze: Japan
4. Kazakhstan, 5. DPR Korea, 6. Uzbekistan, 7. Chinese Taipei, 8. India, 9. Iran, 10. Turkmenistan, 11. Indonesia, 12. Kuwait