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Date: 12/14/2012

After 60 matches in two groups the preliminary round of the Asian Women’s Championship came to an end. As expected, South Korea, China (Group A), Japan and Kazakhstan (Group B) made their way to the semi-finals to be played in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
The host team which made its first appearance in a continental women’s competition didn’t stand a chance against its opponents and lost all its preliminary matches like newcomer Kuwait in Group B. South Korea and Japan made a clean sweep in five matches of the first stage. Japan beat runner-up Kazakhstan 27:23 to claim the top position of the group while Korea earned a close a 30:28 victory over China.

The championship now enters the crucial stage with placement rounds (9-12 and 5-8), semi-finals and finals.

Iran, Kuwait, Turkmenistan and Indonesia will compete in the placement round (9-12). North Korea, India, Uzbekistan and Chinese Taipei will meet in the placement round (5-8). The semi-finals to be staged on Friday night, 14 December will see South Korea vs. Kazakhstan and Japan vs. China.

The three medallists will qualify for the 2013 Women’s World Championship in Serbia. The finals will be played on Sunday, 16 December.


Preliminary Round Ranking:
Group A:
1. South Korea 10 pts, 2. China 8 pts, 3. North Korea 6 pts, 4. Chinese Taipei 4 pts, 5. Iran 2 pts, 6. Indonesia 0 pts

Group B:
1. Japan 10 pts, 2. Kazakhstan 8 pts, 3. Uzbekistan 6 pts, 4. India 4 pts, 5. Turkmenistan 2 pts, 6. Kuwait 0 pts