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Date: 11/3/2009

Georgia and Finland won the European tournaments of the sixth edition of the IHF/EHF Challenge Trophy. Georgia beat Moldova, Azerbaijan and Armenia in the tournament played in Moldova, where the host ranked second after losing the decisive match against Georgia with 34:38. For Georgia it was the second consecutive victory in a Challenge Trophy tournament after 2007. Azerbaijan ranked 3rd this year, Armenia 4th.

In Malta, Finland won all three matches against the host Malta, Scotland and Ireland and finally ranked 1st followed by Malta, Scotland and Ireland.

Georgia and Finland will now play the final of this Trophy during the Men’s European Championship 2010 in Austria in Linz on 23 January. The winner of this match will take part in the IHF Intercontinental Challenge Trophy which will be played in late spring/early summer 2010 where they will meet teams from other Continental Federations. In 2008, Georgia won the European final against Luxemburg.


Group 1 – in Moldova

1. Georgia 3 matches/123:76 goals/6 points
2. Moldova 3/116:81/4 points
3. Azerbaijan 3/84:93/2 points
4. Armenia 3/50:125/0 points

Group 2 – in Malta

1. Finland 3 /113:53/6 points
2. Malta 3/90:78/4 points
3. Ireland 3/74:103/2 points
4. Scotland 3/64:107/0 points

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Dominican Republic win Pan American Men’s First Division Championship

Clear victory for the host of the Pan-American Men’s First Division Championship: The men’s national team of the Dominican Republic remained spotless in the whole tournament, which was played in the Capitol Santo Domingo. They beat Canada in a one sided final 35:23 (17:10). Puerto Rico ranked third after beating Mexico in the Bronze Final 28:26 (12:13).

After winning both matches in the preliminary round against Guatemala (46:23) and Puerto Rico (37:34), the Dominicans were the clear favourites in the semifinal against Mexico, but in the end it was a quite equal match, won by the tournaments host 35:32 (19:16). In the preliminary round group B Canada was number one after beating Venezuela (25:18) and Mexico (30:26) and a tie against Colombia (21:21). In the end, Canada was one point ahead of Mexico and played the semi-final against Puerto Rico. By beating them 29:27 (19:12), they surprisingly reached the final against the Dominican Republic. Venezuela finished the tournament fifth, ahead of Colombia and Guatemala. As the Dominicans had the best defence in the first stage of the tournament, Mexico scored the most goals.

Ranking summary of the Pan-American Men’s First Division Championship:

1. Dominican Republic – 2. Canada – 3. Puerto Rico – 4. Mexico – 5. Venezuela 6. Colombia – 7. Guatemala