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Date: 7/28/2017

The 5-8 semi-finals of the 2017 World Games brought a lot of emotions, as the team from Uruguay celebrated their very first win over a European team.




Poland vs Tunisia 2:1 (17:7, 14:20, 6:2)

At the first period, Poland kept their lead right from the start and proved they are the better team of the period. But after Tunisia levelled at 6:6 in the second period, the African team turned the game to their advantage. After they scored three two-point goals in a row, ending the second period 20:14, they brought the game to shoot-out.


Although Tunisia won the first round, they were not able to score any more goals and Poland won the shoot-out 6:2.


Paula Mazurek commented: “We played the first set very well, but at the second set we weren’t able to concentrate. I believe that if we managed to do so, it’d be better. I think we are little bit exhausted already. It’s a tough tournament.”


Chinese Taipei vs Australia 0:2 (16:21, 9:12)

In the second encounter, Australia kept their lead for most of the time in their period against Chinese Taipei but in the second period, it was the Asian side who scored the first three goals. They gave Australia quite a hard time, but after the Aussies levelled the game at 9:9, they scored two more times and won the period with 12:9.


“We kept it for ourselves, we were playing our game. We’re already excited for the 2018 World Championships in Kazan, Russia,” claimed Aline Viana from Australia.




Australia vs Egypt 2:0 (22:14, 18:14)

It was an easy match for Australia as they played against the less experienced Egypt team. They won the match by 8 points in the first period. In the second period, the Tunisians improved their defence but could not overcome Australia and lost by 4 points.


“It was a game for us to win since we want to fight in the 5-6 match. I’d love it to be Poland, the home country,” admitted Lukas Turecek, an Australian player.


Uruguay vs Poland 2:0 (19:15, 16:14)

For Uruguay, who ranked 10th at the 2016 World Championships, the match against the hosts will go down in history as it was the first time ever that they beat a team from Europe.  They took the lead at the very beginning of both periods and did not give it out of their hands until the final whistle.


After the game, Felipe Adler Bonifacino could not hide the emotions, just as the rest of the team from Uruguay: “It is the first time Uruguay won against an European country, so it is so emotional for us right now,” said as his voice was shaking. “And for me, it is my first world tournament so that’s even more precious for me.”