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Date: 7/26/2017

Group A


Spain, the world champions of Budapest 2016 finished the first day of the preliminary round of the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland with two wins, with reigning European champions Norway following their lead.


Spain vs Argentina 2:1 (15:11, 9:13, 5:4)


Who else should have the privilege to open the first day of the World Games 2017 than the reigning world champions. However, Spain’s first rivals from Argentina did not intend to surrender. After the Spaniards won the first period, Argentina managed to turn the second half to their advantage. The gripping match was decided with the last shot of the shoot-out, when Spanish player Raquel Cano Dominguez scored one point which won them the shoot-out 5:4.


“Globally, it was a positive match. We were nervous, because we always need to get to know the environment to start feeling comfortable,” says goalkeeper Silva Lladró Fernández. “There are great teams here. Every team can do a great match, we respect every opponent.”


Norway vs Tunisia 2:0 (23:18, 17:13)


The encounter between Norway and Tunisia was calm, with the stable lead on the Norwegian side. Although the result meant a clear victory for Norway, they were not 100% satisfied with their performance.


“It was our typical first match,” says Katinka Hattrik, the centre attack of the Norwegian team.


“We were nervous, it takes us time to get started. But now, we have started,” commented defender Elisabeta Hamnestad with confidence.


Tunisia vs Spain 0:2 (6:15, 8:20)


The Spanish players were expected to be the stronger side in this match and wasted little time proving they were. They did not grant their Tunisian rivals many chances to fight back, as the first period ended 6:15 and the second one 8:20.


“I enjoyed the game, but the score is not as we wanted it. I can say Spain is much more experienced than us and they are definitely more prepared,” says Tunisian player about their Spanish rivals.


Norway vs Argentina 2:0 (20:18, 19:15)


Norway delivered another convincing win against Argentina. It was the Argentina team who opened the match with two goals leading to 0:4. But Norway managed to turn the game around to 10:8 and after that, the Scandinavian side were confident enough and did not gave their lead away until the end of the game.


“We came here to play as equal game as we can. It’s a pleasure and a challenge for us to play with such a good teams,” explained Carolina Rossi. “For the next matches, we need to correct a few things and be more concentrated on the match. But we are trying to play our best game, no matter the result.”


Group B


In the Women’s Group B (Australia, Brazil, Chinese Taipei, Poland), Brazil were the team who showed the most outstanding performances.


Chinese Taipei vs Poland 0:2 (11:26, 10:15)


The hosts started their first match with a victory, making the Polish audience go crazy. During the first period, Poland kept the upper hand and won 11:26. After the break Chinese Taipei came back stronger but could not take the lead, losing against Poland by 5 points.


„This match wasn’t easy at all. But we managed to play very well and all of us are happy. Now we need to focus on another matches,“ explained Katarzyna Maslowska, player of Poland.


Maslowska also commented on the upcoming match against Brazil, one of the hot favourites for the title at the World Games 2017: „I have all the feelings about the match. I am excited, nervous and stressed at the same time.“


Brazil vs Australia 2:0 (24:9, 21:13)


Australia stood no chance in a one-sided match against defending champions Brazil. The first period ended with a score of 24:9. In the second period, Australia gathered their strength but still lost with 21:13.


Juliana Oliveira, one of the youngsters in Brazil team, was really satisfied with the game and the Brazil team’s upcoming matches at the World Games 2017: “It was a brand new thing for me as this is my first competition with the Brazilian team. I’m very happy about the results and I believe we are well prepared for the championships and for winning it.”


Poland vs Brazil 0:2 (11:24, 12:18)


Each of the teams came to their second match as the winners of the previous one, but it was Brazil who held the power from the very start, not giving the home team a chance. The gap between the two teams was more visible in the first period (11:24) and even though the home team, supported by the audience, improved their defence in the second period they had to admit defeat 12:18.


Brazil’s Cynthia Pires said: “We were more comfortable with ourselves and with our play. We had less information about Polish style of the game, so we focused more on ourselves.“



Australia vs Chinese Taipei 2:0 (15:13, 16:15)


The match of Australia and Chinese Taipei was a match of equal strength, with the Australians slightly in advantage as they won the first period 15:13. In the second period, Chinese Taipei started strong, leading 2:7, but after Australia scored four times in a row, the Aussie Beach Gliders were back in the saddle, although finishing the second period with a one-point lead only, 16:15.


“This was much higher intensity, the team played together much more and we played for each other as well, Ana Medjed, an Australian player and also gave her thoughts on the first match with Brazil: “First game, I guess we were little bit nervous, going against one of the best teams in the world, but now I think we’ve settled in. “